keskiviikko 24. lokakuuta 2012

What is the recommended sunscreen for Australia?

Hey there! It was a quite hot afternoon yesterday so I took our dog, my new Banana Boat sun tanning lotion and went out to enjoy the whether.

I'm not sure yet if SPF +15 is the right sunscreen for me. I don't get burned very easily but it still might be too light as Australia's new standard is +50... The sun radiation is a real risk here so this added level of protection may be crucial... I do not plan to get skin cancer or melanoma while I live here! 

I'm not so sure about the "water resistant" mark in the bottle. According to the Standards Australia the term ‘waterproof’ is misleading and not permitted. They say that sunscreens will wash off when immersed in water... Well, I'm not planning on jumping into the water now, so this has to do the job for now.

I will tell you later if +15 is not enough... Bye!

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