maanantai 22. lokakuuta 2012

Sydney Harbour Bridge Walk

Hi! I wanna show to you the Sunday walk we did yesterday across the Sydney Harbour Bridge, which is, along with the Sydney Opera House, the other twin landmark. This photo is taken above Cumberland Street in the Rocks. 

The Glenmore Hotel, which you can see in this photo, is located on 96 Cumberland Street and is definitely worth checking out; especially if you are a fan of cool rooftop terraces. We went there last Friday and it was packed. It's also a great spot to ponder the Sydney Opera House even though you can't see it from this picture.

But here it is..photographed from the bridge: The Sydney Opera House. My first memory of it comes from the Disney film I saw when I was younger called, Bernard & Bianca -The Rescuers Down Under. In the clip you can see the Opera House at minuet 1.30. 

Someone got bored of his old shoes. 

I love this flower. You can see them everywhere here. In Finland, where I come from, they cost something like 13 euros in the flower shops. 


Aussies love banana bread! You can see these being sold everywhere. I haven't had the chance to taste it yet...but maybe...I will bake one myself someday...

Lavender trees. Actually, you can smell the scent of lavender if you walk close by them. This photo is not from the Lavender Bay but very close by.

Our home is just behind the bridge. The Observatory Hill is next to the bridge and Circular Quay on the left.

Zimba and I under the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

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